Kulanu’s Online Learning Program is Going Strong – and Growing!

Kulanu’s budding online teaching and learning program is thriving! We have helped provide computer equipment and/or funds for internet connections in Uganda, Ghana, India, China, Zimbabwe, Cameroon, and El Salvador. We now have online teachers teaching classes over programs like Skype or email:
  • Jim Michaelson and Rabbi Richard Landy are teaching classes in English and Jewish music to students in Kaifeng, China
  • Dave Marshall, Barnaby Yeh, and Jiaxin Wang are also instructing students at the Beit HaTikvah School in Kaifeng,  teaching about Holidays, Hebrew, and Halakha and daily practice
  • Rabbi Micha Lindenberg, Miriam Lindenberg, and Jack Zeller, all in Israel, are teaching Judaism as a religion, Hebrew language, and other Jewish topics to Lemba students in Harare, Zimbabwe
  • Miriam and Mordecai Feinberg are teaching two classes to members of the Beth Yeshourun Jewish community in Cameroon – one an all-women’s Torah study group, and the other class in Torah-reading to a group of men and women
  • Rabbi Aaron Rehberg is teaching classes on Hebrew and Mishna in Spanish to students in Armenia, El Salvador

You can support this new education initiative by a) helping us find more online teachers (especially teachers who speak Spanish, French, or Mandarin); b) donating used laptop computers in good condition; c) making a donation to support this online learning program (write “online learning” in your comments). Know a volunteer or have an old working laptop? Let us know at www.kulanu.org/contact!