Personal fundraising pages

Kulanu offers a fun, easy, and social way to raise money for a specific partner community or project: personal fundraising pages (PFPs). These fundraising pages make it easy to share your favorite cause with your friends on all your social media platforms. To get started, either join an existing project or set up your own.

If you want to help with fundraising, follow these quick and easy steps:

  1. Contact Kulanu to get a link to a project for which you want to fundraise. You can raise funds for any community that we work with.
  2. Click on the link we send you for your project. You’ll see a “Register” link at the top left. Follow the prompts for information. Make sure to include the fundraising goal you’ve set for yourself (this can always be changed in the future).
  3. When prompted about joining a team, choose the option ‘do not join a team’.  If you are interested in creating a team, please contact us. Congratulations! You’ve created your own PFP!
  4. Log in again using your new username and password, and notice the new menu on the top left of the page (please choose a password you won’t mind sharing with Kulanu). This dashboard will allow you to view and edit your PFP, as well as your profile. Notice that your page has already been pre-filled with information about the cause you are fundraising for. Please look that over – you may choose to edit your appeal to make it more personalized.
  5. Share your Page! Send the link and a heartfelt appeal message via email and other networks to ask friends to contribute to your project. You’ll find people are glad to support you, so have fun with it!

If you need help or advice on PFPs, please contact Kulanu Office at and we’ll be glad to assist.