Kulanu is grateful to all the film makers and documentarians who have worked with, videoed, photographed and highlighted Kulanu communities around the world. In an effort to help promote their work we are featuring them on this page on our web site. Contact them for more information.

For many more home-made videos about Kulanu communities, see Kulanu’s Youtube channel.

Rabbi Barbara Aiello, producer and Carl Perkal, director, “Secret Jews of Calabria,” (2014).

Film is available for purchase.


Ellen Friedland and Curt Fissel, “Delicious Peace Grows in a Uganda Coffee Bean,” (2010).

Film is available for purchase.


Laurence Gavron, “Black Jews, the roots of the Olive Tree,” (2016).

Film is being shown at film festivals and is available for purchase.


Daniel Knapp, “Sonya Loya’s Crypto-Judaic Art Glass,” (2010).

On Kulanu’s Youtube channel


Joshua Kristal and Schneur Menaker, “Lost/Found: the Jews of Madagascar,” (2016).

Trailer on Kulanu’s Youtube channel. For 2.5 minute version, click here.


Jeff Lieberman,, “Re-Emerging: the Jews of Nigeria.” (2012)

Film is available for purchase.


Avishai Mekonen, “400 Miles to Freeedom. “

Film is available for purchase.


Irene Orleansky, “Bal Ej the hidden Jews of Ethiopia – The Official Trailer,” (2016).

This film is in film festivals and available to show in your community.


Jonas Pariente, “Next Year in Bombay.”

Film is available for purchase.


David Vinik and Debra Gonsher Vinik,

Yearning to Belong.”

Film is available for purchase.


Gabrielle Zilkha, “Doing Jewish: A Story from Ghana.” (2016)

Film is appearing in film festivals, and is available to buy or rent here[add link]. Tour the digital village at