Speaking tour

Jonatas Chimen next to Tent
Jonatas Chimen, artist/scholar in residence

Every year, we bring an outstanding individual from one of our partner communities to speak at venues across North America. This annual speaking tour is a highlight in Kulanu’s calendar. It’s also a great chance to get involved with us – whether by attending an event or hosting one yourself!

We are excited to welcome Jonatas Chimen to speak about his experiences as a member of the Bnei Anousim community. Chimen, who will be speaking across North America, is a Brazilian-American Jewish artist who expresses his personal Jewish identity through his creations, especially ideas about being a refugee or immigrant in exile. He engages with his identity through painting, sculpture, performance art, and writing. If you’d like to hear Jonatas speak or see his art in person, visit our current speaking tour page.