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Dear Friends,


This year we have been saddened by the loss of Harriet Bograd, Kulanu’s past president and visionary. Under Harriet’s leadership and dedication, Kulanu has evolved from a small “mom and pop” nonprofit to a key global player in supporting isolated, emerging, and returning Jewish communities in 33 countries around the globe. The current Kulanu board has rededicated itself to the Kulanu mission and to further Harriet’s vision. Donate now to join us.


This past year, Kulanu has strengthened Jewish practice across the continents. We have distributed Torahs, tefillin, Siddurim (prayer books), and other books of Jewish learning in Kenya, Nigeria, Tanzania, and Uganda. We have built synagogues and mikvaot (ritual baths), and endowed cemeteries in Brazil, El SalvadorTanzania, and Uganda. Kulanu paid for Shabbat and holiday observances and meals in Cameroon, El Salvador, India, Kenya, Nigeria, Pakistan, Tanzania, Uganda, and Zimbabwe.


On another front, Kulanu supported communities’ needs and addressed food insecurity issues in KenyaNigeria, Uganda, and Zimbabwe and assisted with large and small agriculture projects in Uganda, NigeriaCameroon, and Zimbabwe. We funded school construction and scholarships in Guatemala, Nigeria, and Uganda and supported clean water projects and latrine building in Uganda and Nigeria.


In furthering Harriet’s vision of empowerment, we are hosting the first Sub-Saharan African Jewish Conference next week. This will bring Jewish communities from ten African countries together to meet each other, share challenges and resources, and learn more about shechita (kosher slaughtering) and other Jewish practices. We are beginning to work with the American Sephardi Federation on a conference about Sephardi/ Mizrachi influences in Africa and Latin America, which will be held in March at the Center for Jewish History in New York City.


We will continue to support isolated, emerging, and returning Jewish communities around the globe and strengthen our resolve to help Kulanu communities gain recognition in the broader Jewish world.


Please support us on our journey. Click here to donate your best gift to Kulanu today. Your gift will allow Kulanu to continue to serve our partner communities around the world.


Thank you for being part of “all of us!”


With appreciation and in partnership,
Bonita Nathan Sussman  
Kulanu President


PS- Thank you to all of those that have already donated!

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