Host an event

Would you like to host a Kulanu event at your home or a local community venue? This is a great way to bring your personal flair and style to an event of your choosing. We recommend you get in touch with us so we can work with you to put on a customized event. Please suggest a theme/focus, location, day, and time, to get started.

A popular and simple strategy is to focus your event around movie viewings. As a special thank-you gift for you and your guests, you’ll receive a complimentary shipment of our book, Under One Canopy: Readings in Jewish Diversity (40 copies per shipment), and other Kulanu materials when you host a Kulanu Watch Party.


We also encourage you to explore our annual speaking tour as an option or to write to us about the variety of experienced professional speakers on our books. Our speakers are generally available for a $500 honorarium plus travel expenses. They include:
  • Boni Sussman, Kulanu vice-president.
  • Remy Ilona, lawyer, author, and student in religious studies at Florida International University in Miami. Remy is from the Abuja-based Nigerian Jewish community.
  • Miriam and Mordecai Feinberg, volunteers and Judaic teachers with our partner communities in Poland, Uganda, and Zimbabwe.