Jewish Educational Resources

We have compiled an extensive list of Jewish learning resources. Unless it says otherwise, these are all free.

Different communities and individuals follow different minhagim (traditions) and versions of halacha (Jewish law), as well as different nusach (prayer and liturgy traditions). We have tried to provide a mix of perspectives, from ultra-orthodox sources like Chabad’s website to egalitarian denominations’ resources like Anshe Emet synagogue’s nusach Ashkenaz mp3s to non-denominational learning tools like Duolingo. Sometimes the same text or concept appears multiple times in this list, to allow you to choose which angle, commentary, or language you want. If you’re unsure whether a resource is right for you, take time to learn about the perspective of the writer or organization.

While we take care to check these resources for accuracy, we are not responsible for the content of external websites or other resources.

French, Spanish, and Portuguese language resources are listed towards the bottom of the page. 
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Modern Hebrew

Biblical Hebrew

  • eTeacherBiblical, a paid resource accredited by the Israeli Ministry of Education and Hebrew University
  • Daily Dose of Hebrew from beginner skills to advanced parsing of verses in audiovisual format

Parashah study

  • Chabad’s weekly parashah articles and summary
  • MyJewishLearning’s weekly parashah summary with full year’s listings
  • Anshe Emet’s parashah podcast
  • Bimbam, a site for digital storytelling on Jewish themes including educational topics like the weekly parashah and key texts
  • Rabbi Sachs’ weekly parashah commentary

Full texts

  • The full Tanach with optional Rashi commentary
  • The full Tanach in JPS (Conservative movement) edition including mp3s of the full Tanach
  • Sefaria, a free online source for most key Jewish texts available in the original language and often English translation
Talmud and Rabbinics
History and Philosophy

Coming soon!

Jewish Life Cycles
Jewish Calendar and Holidays


Kashrut and Food

Keeping kosher

Prayer and Ritual



Leading prayer and reading Torah


Liturgical music

Community Listings
Genealogy and Family Research


DNA testing

Please note that DNA tests cannot affirm or deny someone’s Jewish status according to Halachah, but mtDNA may indicate increased likeliness as it traces the maternal line only. DNA tests should be considered primarily “for fun”. We do not endorse the services of DNA testing.

  • Family Tree DNA, a paid service
  • 23andMe, a paid service
  • MyHeritage, a paid service
  • GEDmatch, a website that collates DNA data from the above services to provide more complete information on your DNA test results
Film, TV, Video
  • Simon Schama’s History of the Jews, a five-part BBC documentary spanning 4000 years of Jewish history
  • Bimbam, a site for digital storytelling on Jewish themes including educational topics like the weekly parashah and key texts
  • AlephBeta, featuring video lectures and courses on wide-ranging topics
Resources for Parents and Children by Miriam Feinberg
Recursos en español


  • Tarbut Sephard is dedicated to helping Anusim reconnect with Judaism

General websites

  • Aish Latino, with various learning resources from an Orthodox perspective

Videos en español

Ressources en français
Recursos em português