Jewish Online Resources

We have compiled an extensive list of Jewish learning resources. Unless it says otherwise, these are all free.

Different communities and individuals follow different minhagim (traditions) and versions of halacha (Jewish law), as well as different nusach (prayer and liturgy traditions). We have tried to provide a mix of perspectives, from ultra-orthodox sources like Chabad’s website, to egalitarian denominations’ resources like Anshe Emet synagogue’s nusach Ashkenaz mp3s, to non-denominational learning tools like Duolingo. Sometimes the same text or concept appears multiple times in this list, to allow you to choose which angle, commentary, or language you want. If you’re unsure whether a resource is right for you, take time to learn about the perspective of the writer or organization.

While we take care to check these resources for accuracy, we are not responsible for content of external websites or other resources.

French and Spanish language resources are listed towards the bottom of the page. Portuguese will come soon.
Los recursos en español se enumeran en la parte inferior de la página.
Les ressources en français sont listées vers le bas de la page.

Talmud and Rabbinics
History and Philosophy
Jewish Life Cycles
Jewish Calendar and Holidays
Kashrut and Food
Prayer and Ritual
Rabbi’s Handbooks – leading weddings, funerals, etc.
Community Listings
Genealogy and Family Research
Film, TV, Video
Resources in Spanish
Resources in French
Resources for Parents and Children by Miriam Feinberg
Book reviews of Kulanu-related publications