Kulanu Across the Globe


Kulanu Across the Globe

A Celebration of Jewish Communities Around the World

In honor of Kulanu’s 25th Anniversary, we are inviting groups around the globe to celebrate Kulanu’s work over the weekend of November 15th to 17th. You can choose to participate on Friday night, Saturday, or Sunday. Help spread the word about Jewish communities in places like Uganda, Guatemala, Madagascar, and Indonesia, from special religious practices to economic development.

Kulanu will provide all materials online at no cost to your community:

  • A suggested D’Var Torah for Parshat Vayera, the Torah portion of the week
  • Readings
  • A video playlist and topics for discussion
  • Photos to print and display
  • Click here to see the materials!

Check out these plans and publicity materials to give you some ideas for your event.

Here is our current list of participating synagogues and other groups. Would you like to be added to this list?

Click here to sign up to receive more information and the materials to participate. We look forward to hearing from you!

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This exciting event is being offered free of charge so no group is excluded, but we hope you will donate to offset the substantial cost of this project.

Please click here to donate and/or sponsor the event.

Thank you for your interest. We are looking forward to a fabulous celebration of Jewish life in all its richness.