New Fall Newsletter

Kulanu’s Fall Newsletter is now available online!
This issue includes these articles, and much more:

* “Remembering Rabbi Moshe Cotel” by Harriet Bograd (p. 1)
* “Olmert Agrees to Aliyah of Bnei Menashe from India” (p. 1)
* “A Ghanaian Learns in Uganda” by Alex Armah (p. 1)
* “Kudos to Kulanu Youth” by Harriet Bograd and “Kulanu Youth Honor Roll” (p.2)
* “A Bat Mitzvah Project about Coffee” by Juliana Moskowitz (p. 2)
* “Uganda Trip Report, Part II” by Laura Wetzler (p. 3)
* “A Ugandan Learns in Chicago” by Samson Wamani (p. 6)
* “Update on Prof. Xu Xin and a Remarkable Endowment” by Beverly Friend (p. 7)
* “A Non-Jew Dreams of Bringing Jewish Studies to India” by Dr. Navras Jaat Aafreedi (p. 7)
* “The Kaifeng Stone Inscriptions, by Tiberiu Weisz,” A review by Irwin M. Berg (p. 10)
* “Among Maroons: Discoveries of Color, Judaism, and Slavery,” by Shai Fierst (p. 12)
* “Searching for Subbotniks in Subcarpathia, Ukraine,” by Michael Nosonovsk (p. 14)