More Mitzvah Projects!

Todah Rabah to Kulanu Mitzvah Project leaders Lucy Dybner of New Jersey, and Fran Ransom of Ohio! Lucy and Fran became bat mitzvah in October, and shared their special day with children in Uganda through their mitzvah projects. Thanks to these two leaders, $3,500 has been contributed to the education and nutrition programs run by the Abayudaya Jewish community — what an impact that will have for the children and their families!

Lucy Markelis Dybner included a lovely note with the invitation to her Bat Mitzvah celebration requesting donations to the Kulanu-Abayudaya School Nutrition Program, which ensures a nutritious breakfast and lunch every school day for the 800 students at the two Abayudaya schools in Uganda. Without this program, many children could not afford to eat breakfast or lunch, or would have to spend a lot of time away from school searching for food. The $2,218.00 that Lucy raised through her Personal Fundraising Page will pay for 54 students to receive two meals every school day, for an entire year! Great job Lucy, and many thanks to her family and friends who contributed to her project! Check out her PFP at

Fran “Amirah D’vorah” Ransom raised funds for the Kulanu-Abayudaya Education Fund, which supports the two schools run by the Abayudaya Jewish community in Uganda, as part of her adult Bat Mitzvah Project. These schools, though in an impoverished area, provide a quality education to the 800 Jewish, Christian and Muslim students who study and play together in peace. Fran also had the special treat of meeting Aaron Kintu Moses, headmaster of the Abayudaya primary school, the same week as her bat mitzvah when he visited Canton, OH last month — her rabbi arranged the visit as a stop on the Kulanu-Abayudaya 2012 Speaking Tour. Fran’s PFP has raised $1,500.00 — enough to send 19 African children to the Abayudaya schools for a full year! Click here to check out her fundraising page.

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