Support Passover Seders Worldwide

Passover Seder in Cameroon. Photo by Serge Etele.The Passover Seder is the most observed Jewish celebration on the Jewish calendar. It is said to be the reason Jews have survived as a people. Yet, in many parts of the world, Jewish communities do not have access to important facets of the holiday, such as the Haggadah and matzah. This is why the Kulanu board decided it’s time to establish a fund dedicated to helping communities around the world observe Pesach according to their Jewish tradition. Click here to contribute to the Seder Fund now!

Can you imagine the effect we would have on world Jewry if each of us could invite an isolated Jew to our Seder table? Your donation to the Kulanu Passover Seder Fund will help us to make Passover as special in far-away communities as it is in our own homes. Donate through our Fundraising Page for the Seder Fund — — to show your support today!

Your involvement with this very meaningful project is greatly appreciated by Jewish communities across the globe. Thank you!