Matching Grant Challenge Met for Abayudaya Schools!

May 6, 2015

Children at the Abayudaya-run elementary school in Uganda.

In December, Kulanu sent out some urgent appeals asking you to help save the two Abayudaya schools in Uganda from a funding crisis. Upon learning of the crisis, the Estelle Friedman Gervis Foundation offered Kulanu a challenge grant of $10,000 if we raised $20,000 by March 31. Great news: we did! Because of your generous and timely response, the elementary and high school run by the Jewish community of Uganda will remain open for another year, and hopefully longer. 

Many thanks to the Estelle Friedman Gervis Foundation for this generous challenge and gift, and to everyone who made a donation in support of the two Abayudaya schools! The total amount we raised for the schools since December will help maintain basic operations at Hadassah Primary and Semei Kakungulu High for at least the coming school year.

Thank you to everyone who got involved!

Photo courtesy M. Feinberg.

We continue to welcome donations in support of the two schools at

Visit to learn more about the Abayudaya — the 100-year-old Jewish community in Uganda (“Abayudaya” means “Sons of Judah” in Luganda, the local language) — and the two schools they run for 600 Jewish, Christian, and Muslim students in an impoverished region of East Africa. Then use the icons below to inspire your networks to get involved with this African Jewish community, their two interfaith schools, and other community development projects in Uganda. Thanks so much for your support!