From Israel to Zimbabwe for Passover

May 4, 2015

Nili B’Simcha (left) and Reb Keith (second from right) of Israel pose with members of the Lemba Jewish community during a visit to Zimbabwe for a Passover seder with the Lemba, April 2015.

Nili B’Simcha and Rabbi Keith Flaks of Israel traveled to Zimbabwe last month to celebrate Pesach (Passover) with the Lemba Jewish community. Click here to read an article that Nili wrote about their trip, including background information and her own insights, published on The Jewish Journal website. The couple also took fantastic photos, some of which can be seen in this album on Kulanu’s site on Phanfare.

Thank you Nili and Reb Keith for making this connection with the Lemba, and thank you Modreck Maeresera and other community members for giving such a wonderful welcome! May all of your lives be enriched by the experience.

You can learn more about the Zimbabwe Lemba, their ancient traditions, and their recent re-connection to the global Jewish community at

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