Kulanu-Lemba 2015 Tour Dates Announced!

April 30, 2015

Modreck Maeresera of Harare, Zimbabwe – prayer leader of the Harare Lemba Jewish community, and Kulanu’s fall speaker. See www.kulanu.org/lemba to learn more.

Kulanu is delighted to announce that Modreck Maererera of Harare, Zimbabwe, will be returning to North America this fall for the 2015 Kulanu-Lemba Speaking Tour! This year we will be booking events in the United States and Canada from October 15 to November 23, 2015Click here for information about the tour and to “meet” Modreck Maeresera, leader of the Lemba Jewish community of Zimbabwe – and please share that link with others!

Make sure you and your community don’t miss a presentation by Modreck Maeresera — click here to find out what’s involved in hosting a Kulanu-Lemba event in your community. Then use this form to let us know three dates that work with your community’s calendar (please note that submitting a form does not imply commitment, just interest!).

These Kulanu-Lemba presentations will educate audiences about the ancient traditions and modern developments of a historic African Jewish community that is seeking to hold on to its roots as it opens itself up to the wider Jewish world. You will also learn how you can get involved in the Lembas’ “Jewish Renaissance”! Tour proceeds benefit Kulanu’s work in Zimbabwe.

Visit www.kulanu.org/lemba to learn more about the community’s history and Jewish practices, then check out the full speaking tour announcement, here:

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Feel free to contact the Speaking Tour coordinators with any questions, at www.kulanu.org/contact. We look forward to hearing from you.