Kulanu’s Winter-Spring 2012 Newsletter Now Online

The Winter-Spring Kulanu Newsletter is now online! You can read it as a full-color PDF at kulanu.org/newsletters

Winter-Spring 2012 Kulanu NewsThis issue highlights the Lemba community of Zimbabwe and Kulanu’s growing involvement with this intriguing group. Articles include:

  • “The Lemba/Jewish Community of Zimbabwe: Its Practice, Jewish History, and Challenges” by Modreck Zvakavapano Maeresera, p. 1
  • “The Lemba to Build a Synagogue Near Great Zimbabwe” by Sandy Leeder, p. 4
  • “My Asian Adventure” by Andria Spindel, p. 12
  • “Can Cyberlearning Save the Future of Lemba Judaism?” by Modreck Zvakavapano Maeresera, p. 16
  • “Serge Etele’s Visit to the United States” by Harriet Bograd, p. 18
  • Coming up in the next issue: “Jewish Algarve / Southern Portugal” p. 21

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