Please join Kulanu in honoring Aaron Kintu Moses and Naume Sabano of Uganda!

We invite you to join Kulanu in honoring Aaron Kintu Moses and Naume Sabano, an inspiring couple who have directed some of the most successful institutions of the Abayudaya Jewish community of Uganda. A brave leader who was instrumental in saving Judaism from Idi Amin’s repression of the 1970s, Aaron has been headmaster of the Abayudaya Elementary School since 2001. Naume, founder and president of the Abayudaya Women’s Association for a decade, is manager of the nutrition program at the Abayudaya high school, an essential service that has alleviated hunger and has made a great impact on student learning.

Kulanu is creating a virtual on-line journal to honor this remarkable couple. The journal will look like a booklet you would receive at a dinner you attended in person, but in this case, you will see the pages on-line. The journal will display your sentiments and those of others, along with wonderful pictures of Naume and Aaron and the community to which they have given so much. By donating to express your good wishes, you will be helping the local Abayudaya elementary and high schools that are so dear to them.

Aaron reading to a child in the Library. Photo by Harriet Bograd 2012

Many of you had the chance to get to know Aaron during the fall Kulanu-Abayudaya speaking tours of 2006, 2007, and 2011. His school now educates and feeds 400 children from nursery through seventh grade, including many orphans. Aaron has been the community’s treasurer, a key member of the community’s executive committee, and he plays a leading role in welcoming visitors and volunteers to the community. His warmth, devotion, wisdom, and love of children are apparent to all who have had the good fortune to hear him speak and to meet him in Uganda.

As leader of the Abayudaya Women’s Association until last January, Naume has organized three conferences each year since 2005 where women from eight villages had, and still have, empowering opportunities to share successes and challenges and to implement ideas to better their lives. Among AWA’s achievements are a successful micro-credit program and a Torah study course for women. An eloquent speaker, Naume was elected to her regional government council last year, gaining the support of Jewish, Christian, and Muslim voters. In addition to her role as the effective manager of the high school nutrition program, she owns a small shop, helps to organize the production and sale of Abayudaya kippot, and farms vegetables and coffee with her husband Aaron. Together Aaron and Naume care for their five children ages 4 to 20 – Kokasi, Simcha, Devorah, Natan, and Rosh, and their nephew Esav.

Please join us in showing our appreciation for all the important work that Aaron and Naume continue to do.

You can send your message and donation by mail or online; the deadline for journal submissions is May 31, 2012. Please use the form below to donate by mail. To donate online, click here. See contribution levels below. In the comment field, please write “Aaron & Naume Tribute” followed by the text of your ad (limit 100 words for full-page ads, 50 words for smaller ads).

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You may donate by mail or online.

The deadline for contributions is May 31, 2012.

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To donate online, click here. In the comment field, please write “Aaron and Naume Tribute” followed by the text of your ad (limit 50 words).

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