Join “all of us” in honoring Daneel Schaechter!

April 14, 2015

Dear Friends,

Daneel Schaechter, Kulanu Board member, Kulanu Regional Coordinator for Latin America, and 2015 Fulbright Scholar.

Kulanu is proud to announce our honoree for the 2015 Annual Tribute Journal, Daneel Schaechter: a remarkable young man, Kulanu’s Latin America coordinator since 2011 and, thanks to his extraordinary accomplishments, the youngest member of our board of directors. A Kulanu volunteer since his senior year in high school, Daneel has worked innumerable hours as a passionate, resourceful, and effective advocate for Kulanu. His youthful energy and enthusiasm, as well as his knowledge and love of Judaism, have enabled him to meet and introduce Kulanu and the world to new Jewish communities throughout Latin America.

Please join us as we honor Daneel Schaechter, the vanguard of a new generation of Kulanu leaders. Once again we are creating a virtual on-line journal in which you can express your thoughts. The journal will look like a booklet you would receive at a dinner you attended in person, but in this case, you will see the pages on-line. The journal will display your sentiments and those of others, along with photos of Daneel in his roles inside and outside Kulanu. By communicating your good wishes to Daneel, you will be helping to support Kulanu’s work in Latin America and around the globe.

Click here to find out how YOU can be part of this year’s online ad journal honoring Daneel!

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