TBT: Making Matza in India, 2007

April 9, 2015

In honor of “Throw-Back Thursday” and the Passover holiday, please enjoy these videos from a 2007 Kulanu volunteer-visit to the Bene Ephraim Jewish community in Andhra Pradesh, India. These videos show the Bene Ephraim community experiencing matza for the first time, and learning how to make it in a place where access to matza is limited. All videos and photos courtesy Rabbanit Bonita Nathan Sussman, 2007.

First Time Making Matzoh (34sec)

Making Matzoh part 2 (14sec)

Making Matzoh part 3 (27sec)

Making Matzoh part 4 (16 sec)

Saying Motzi over Matza (a historic moment for the Bene Ephraim community!):

Bene Ephraim Slide Show, 2007

Please feel free to share these videos or this post with your friends and family as a fun holiday greeting!

Chag Pesach Sameach / Happy Passover
from “all of us” at Kulanu, Inc.