Get Involved with “all of us” at Kulanu!

Have you been looking for a fun and creative way to connect with far-away Jewish communities? Or maybe you’ve been admiring Kulanu’s work and are now ready to get more “hands-on” by helping raise awareness and funds for our projects. Whatever your motivation, we’d love to have you join the team of Kulanu volunteers!

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Get involved with
“All of Us” at!

Here are just a few ways YOU can support isolated and (re-)emerging Jewish communities around the world:

  • Promote Kulanu’s communities and projects on social media sites — follow us on Facebook (, Twitter (, and Google “Plus” to share our posts with your networks.
  • Forward our Kulanu Updates and send our blog posts to your friends, family, and colleagues via email.  You know the best way to reach your circles!
  • Inform and inspire, in person — host a party where you and your guests click around Kulanu’s info-packed website together, or screen one of our slideshows or photo albums. We can send you materials to help enrich your event, too!
  • Invite a Kulanu Speaker to your next meeting to educate your group about global Jewish diversity, or ask us how to give your own presentation about Kulanu and the communities we support around the world.
  • Help support a community project through the Kulanu Cause Pages: go to to find the list of current Causes, find one that speaks to you and then promote that cause to your networks. (Check out our fundraising tips, too!)
  • You can also create your own fundraising web page (called a PFP) and ask your family, friends, colleagues and classmates to help you reach your personal fundraising goal, then watch the thermometer rise – thanks to you!

Visit for a full list of ways you can participate, then send us an email or fill out our volunteer application form to get started. We can’t wait to hear from you!