The Gift of Torah

The Beth Yeshourun community in Cameroon receives the Torah, May 2014.The Beth Yeshourun community in Cameroon receives the Torah, May 2014.

Serge Etele, center, and members of the Beth Yeshourun community in Cameroon gratefully receive this gift of Torah, May 2014.

The gift of Torah is a significant one for communities practicing Judaism, and we at Kulanu are delighted to share this gift with “all of us”, whether it’s by teaching Torah online or by providing actual Torahs to isolated and (re-)emerging Jewish communities around the world.

This past spring, Congregation Kehilath Jeshurun in New York City graciously donated five Torahs to Kulanu to be redistributed to different communities. In May, 2014, the Beth Yeshourun community of Cameroon received the first of these donated Torahs. Check out the photo album documenting this momentous occasion: “Receiving the Torah in Cameroon

In August the second of the Torahs will be delivered to the Jewish community in Abuja, Nigeria, after receiving repairs by a scribe. You can help us fund the delivery of the Torah through Kulanu’s online fundraising page for the Abuja community: click here to donate now!

Thank you, Congregation Kehilath Jeshurun, for helping Kulanu give the gift of Torah!