Donate Your Device &/or Frequent Flyer Miles to Kulanu

March 26, 2015

As you may know, Kulanu’s work can involve a lot of air travel. Our community members travel to take advantage of Jewish education and leadership programs, and to go on speaking tours that help build relationships and raise awareness about their community. And Kulanu volunteers travel far and wide to teach – and to make personal connections with – eager communities (and they often bring much-needed donated goods as well).

Donations of frequent flyer miles help reduce the costs of these important experiences, making it easier for us to accomplish our goal of supporting Jewish communities in their desire to learn about Judaism and (re-)connect with the wider Jewish community. To donate YOUR frequent flyer miles to Kulanu, please submit the form at

Another way to support Jewish education and practice is to donate your e-reader, laptop, camera, unlocked smartphone, or other device! These devices can be loaded with e-books and music files, which helps reduce the costs associated with shipping books and CDs around the world. Even a “blank” device could be very useful for our communities that don’t have ready access to technology. Click here to find out what devices Kulanu is accepting now.

I’d be grateful if you also told your friends, family, colleagues and other networks about these opportunities to donate their miles and devices to Kulanu. Thank you so much for helping support far-away Jewish communities!