Did you miss Harriet Bograd’s birthday? There’s still time to send your best wishes..!

Did you know Harriet Bograd turned 70 this past Saturday? This milestone birthday is an inspiration to those of us who already admire Harriet for her practical yet compassionate approach to her work, and to all aspects of her life.

Did you also know you can send birthday greetings and support Kulanu, Inc – the organization she has been volunteering with full-time for the past 10 years – all at once through Kulanu’s 2013 Tribute Journal fundraiser? This year we’re honoring Harriet for her leadership and her service to Jews everywhere, so you can show your admiration and/or gratitude for Harriet with a contribution to an online “ad book” that we’ll publish online this summer.

Visit www.kulanu.org/tribute for more about honoring Harriet…

Make a donation today (see www.kulanu.org/donate)! Be sure to include “Bograd Tribute” as well as a message you’d like to share in the Journal.

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Honor global Jewish leader Harriet Bograd and support Kulanu (“All of Us”)! Donate now: kulanu.org/tribute

Click here for more ways to support Kulanu and Harriet. I look forward to seeing how “all of us” come together to honor a great woman, for a great cause.

P.S. You may be aware that Harriet Bograd is a breast cancer survivor: Click here to read the journal entry Harriet posted on her cancer blog on her birthday, celebrating her good health sixteen years after her diagnosis…