Welcome to our New Partners, the Coexist Foundation!

I am thrilled to report that Kulanu has partnered with the Coexist Foundation to support the Abayudaya schools in Uganda. For 2013, they have pledged to donate $40,000 to the schools!

This foundation, started in the United Kingdom in 2006 and now also based in Washington, DC, works to create understanding across divides in a sustainable manner. Coexist is excited about the interfaith cooperation at the two Abayudaya schools, and is planning to raise funds to support the schools by selling Coexist brand coffee from the Delicious Peace interfaith coffee coop that Kulanu helped launch. They will be relying on Kulanu to serve as advisors as they work to support the schools.

It has been a joy for me to collaborate with Tarek Elgawhary, Chief Executive Officer, and  Lance McPherson, Chief Operating Officer of the Coexist Foundation. Our first step was to help facilitate a January visit to Uganda by Lance McPherson and his London-based colleague, Michael Wakelin. Lance and Michael were delighted with the welcome they received and the peaceful coexistence that they witnessed there