Kulanu Global Teaching Fellows


Are you a rabbinical student, looking to gain experience in your field? Would you like to have a memorable and rewarding summer?

The Kulanu Global Teaching Fellowship aims to answer the call for education, support and recognition of isolated, emerging and returning Jewish communities in a meaningful and impactful way. There are dozens of such communities around the world that have very few educational resources of their own, who have been practicing Judaism for years, dream of deepening their Jewish literacy and (re-)connecting with the wider Jewish community.

We are excited about your interest to participate in the fellowship this summer to travel for 4+ weeks to an emerging Jewish community to live, teach and learn with Jews from different backgrounds who are excited to learn the Torah you have to offer. Rabbinical students from all schools are encouraged to apply here. Kulanu will pay fellows’ travel and accommodations.

If you are accepted, we know your experience will be exciting for you and fruitful for the community you will serve, as well as deeply nurturing your own growth in becoming a rabbi.

Thank you for offering your time, skills, and energy to Kulanu, Inc!

2017 Fellows

Loren Berman, Yeshivat Chovevei Torah (Bronx, New York), taught in Ghana

Eliyahu Freedman, Yeshivat Chovevei Torah (Bronx, New York), taught in Cote d’Ivoire

Natan Freller, Ziegler Rabbinical School (Los Angeles, California), taught in Brazil

Margo Hughes-Robinson, Jewish Theological Seminary (New York, New York), taught in Guatemala

Miriam Liebman, Jewish Theological Seminary (New York, New York), taught in Uganda