The Fall 2011 Issue of the Kulanu Newsletter Is Online!

Women of the Gihon Synagogue in Nigeria - Kulanu Fall 2011 newsletterThe Fall 2011 issue of the Kulanu Newsletter is now online with vibrant full-color photos! You can read it at This issue focuses on the strength of our Jewish connections, regardless of our backgrounds. Topics include choosing to be Jewish in El Salvador, our volunteers’ and visitors’ experiences in Peru, Kenya and Nigeria, and updates on the Jews of Puerto Rico and the grain mill that was constructed with the Abayudaya in Uganda. And so much more!

Here is a sample of what you will find in the latest Kulanu newsletter issue:

  • “A Jew by Choice: From El Salvador to Milan to Jerusalem” by Meir Yehoshua Torres, p. 1
  • “Among the Igbos of Nigeria During the Festival of Lights” by William F. S. Miles, p. 2
  • “Spotlight on Huánuco, Peru” by Daneel Schaechter, p. 10
  • “Two Worlds Meet in Uganda” by Judy Manelis, p. 15
  • “Accidental Tourist in Kenya” by Ari Witkin, p. 16
  • “Growing Community in Puerto Rico” by Judy Manelis, p. 21

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