Notice of openings for Kulanu Board members and “KulanuNews” magazine editor(s)

February 26, 2015

In preparation for our upcoming board elections, Kulanu’s nominating committee invites you to recommend candidates for Kulanu’s board of directors. We are also seeking a new magazine editor or editorial team. You are welcome to nominate yourself or someone you know. To make a nomination, please fill out this form. Our outgoing board members and magazine editor include Rabbi Stephen Leon, Judy Manelis (board member and magazine editor), Marcy Stein, and Jack Zeller (Kulanu’s founder and President Emeritus). We thank them all for their extraordinary contributions to Kulanu and to the communities that we support.

Kulanu’s board is a working board of volunteers, with each board member carrying substantial responsibilities. Board meetings are held by telephone conference one Sunday per month from 8:30 to 10:30 am Eastern (New York) Time. Involvement with Kulanu can be a very rewarding experience, as we support isolated, emerging, and returning Jewish communities around the world.

The magazine editor (or editorial team) prepares two magazines per year, 24-28 pages each. Serge Etele from Cameroon will continue as layout and photography editor. You can see our past newsletters and magazines since 1994 at

The nominating committee will prefer candidates who:

  • have worked with Kulanu already, who are reliable, respond promptly to emails, and have time to devote to Kulanu’s work;
  • are familiar with Kulanu’s work and Kulanu’s history, and share Kulanu’s values;
  • are loyal to Kulanu and don’t have conflicts of interest that would interfere with their work;
  • have cross-cultural sensitivity and respect for people of all backgrounds and economic groups.

Each board member has skills and experiences that are useful to Kulanu, and/or the ability to give or get new resources. Here are skills currently needed:

  • fundraising skills, fundraising experience, connections to potential substantial donors, ability to donate large amounts him/herself;
  • connections to the better-known Jewish community and/or to isolated and emerging Jewish communities;
  • other useful connections (press? educators? economic development?);
  • organizational know-how;
  • Jewish knowledge (not required of every board member);
  • excellent interpersonal and organizational skills;
  • positive outlook;
  • comfort with technology – at least email, Internet, and basic documents and spreadsheets.

Again, to make a nomination, please fill out this form.

“All of us” look forward to receiving your nominations. Thank you so much for contributing to Kulanu, Inc!