Kulanu Looks Back on 2014

Some of you may have already received and enjoyed our year-end letter, in which we reflect back on all we’ve done in the past twelve months to support Jewish learning and practice across the globe, from community development to leadership training for individual community members. But if you missed it, click here to read it on the Kulanu Blog.

Kulanu volunteer Mickey Feinberg teaches a Lemba family to bake challah in Zimbabwe.

In 2014 Kulanu continued to work closely with the Lemba Jews in Zimbabwe to make great strides in rebuilding their ancient community through constructing the Great Zimbabwe Synagogue and in supporting the Harare Lemba Synagogue. This has involved a lot of work by dedicated “overseas” volunteers who lived in Zimbabwe for weeks or months, teaching about various Jewish and secular subjects.

In Uganda we continued to support education and nutrition projects of the two Abayudaya schools, which serve Jewish students as well as their Christian and Muslim neighbors. This work includes paying teachers’ salaries, the meal program, construction of school buildings (including latrines, a dorm, and a classroom in 2014), and keeping the students safe with mosquito nets, and beds. Kulanu also supports economic development projects in the Abayudaya community, such as the goat project with the Abayudaya Women’s Association.

In Cameroon and Kenya, Kulanu has been helping Jewish communities connect with new friends and partners, and new opportunities to learn and grow. Serge Etele, of the Beth Yeshourun community in Cameroon, has had some especially exciting experiences in Israel and Gabon. The community in Kasuku, Kenya, has been welcoming many more friends both in-person and on Facebook this year, and with Kulanu’s help eleven members traveled to Uganda for formal conversions.

In Latin America we’ve been forging relationships with new communities, and strengthening our existing communities through volunteers and visits, a beit din in Nicaragua, and funding for prayer books in Brazil, Colombia, and Guatemala.

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