Kulanu Global Teaching Fellows: Teaching Hebrew, Torah, Jewish history and more

This summer we are sending four highly talented leaders and educators to different isolated, emerging, and returning Jewish communities around the globe who seek to deepen their Jewish literacy.

Michal, pictured here, is currently in Andhra Pradesh, India working with an emerging community. She shares, “The students I am so very honored to teach, are incredibly bright, committed, studious and learned.”

This year we are fortunate to have four Kulanu Global Teaching Fellows:

Shadrach Mugoya Levy, Aleph Rabbinical Program (distance learning from Namutumba, Uganda) taught in Nigeria in May and June
Natan Freller, Ziegler Rabbinical School (Los Angeles, California), returned to teach in Brazil in June and July
Michal Kohane, Yeshivat Maharat (Riverdale, New York), is currently teaching in India
Amir Etele from Cameroon, who has attended Ohr Torah Stone Yeshiva in Israel, will teach in Gabon in August

We are very proud to have African rabbinical students teaching Africans for the first time this year.

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