Kulanu 2019 Impact Story

Dear Friends,

Happy Chanukah! This week are sharing a few impact stories so you can see how your gift can make all the difference for Jews longing to “come home.”

“The friendship that Kulanu has shared is very important because many organizations … are too busy to get to know or assist new or emerging communities. Many small communities around the world may feel isolated and may not know where to turn for help… One of the great things that Kulanu does for communities like ours is to let them know that they are not alone.”

These powerful words were sent to Kulanu by Rabbi Avraham Coalesce Browne, spiritual leader of Kulanu’s newest partner community, Q’hilot Benai Yisrael located in Minanao, Philippines. Each year Kulanu’s work reaches new Jewish communities around the globe to connect “all of us” to one another.

In 2019, Kulanu welcomed new partner communities in Pakistan, the Philippines, and Tanzania.

Thanks to the efforts of Kulanu staff and volunteers, Rabbi Browne’s synagogue was the proud and grateful recipient of a donated Torah scroll, gifted to the Philippines community by an Oil City, PA synagogue that was in the process of closing its doors. This month the Torah was delivered to the Philippines and thanks to Kulanu Canada, the community also received siddurim (prayer books) and an array of ritual items that will go far to help this isolated Jewish community prosper and grow.
Kulanu needs your help to continue its support of our many international partner communities so that congregations like Rabbi Brown’s in the Philippines can not only function but thrive. That’s why your donation of any
amount is so important.

Please donate online now or send a check to Kulanu, c/o Harriet Bograd (address below) to secure Kulanu’s future! If you have already given, thank you!

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Thank you for being part of “all of us”!

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and “all of us” at Kulanu

Harriet Bograd, President