Focus On: The Jews of Uganda

The Abayudaya community is one of the first far-away Jewish communities that Kulanu ( met and came together to support; volunteers first visited Uganda in 1995, just one year into Kulanu’s existence as a non-profit. This early partnership helped to solidify the organization’s commitment to isolated and emerging Jewish communities around the world, and to establish the Abayudaya as a widely recognized Jewish community. Click herefor an overview of Kulanu’s involvement with the Abayudaya community over the years.

Today, “all of us” are maintaining this relationship through various successful projects and programs. Here’s a sampling of what Kulanu and the Abayudaya are working on together right now:

  • Providing nutritious food to every student at the two Kulanu-Abayudaya schools
  • Bringing Abayudaya leader and elementary school Headmaster, Aaron Kintu Moses to the United States for a lecture tour which will raise funds for the Abayudaya schools while educating American audiences about the history and development of the Jews of Uganda
  • Honoring Headmaster Aaron and his wife Naume Sabano, leader of the Abayudaya Women’s Association and the nutrition coordinator for the two schools, through an online tribute journal (proceeds benefit the Abayudaya schools)
  • Selling kippot and music CDs made by community members at Kulanu’s online store (
  • Expanding the Sarah Moskowitz Memorial Library and the literacy program through creative student mitzvah projects
  • Coordinating visitors and volunteers to connect with their fellow Jews in Mbale

Intrigued? Inspired? Get involved!

Contact Kulanu to let us know how YOU want to help the Abayudaya Jewish community of Uganda, and we will help you get started on making a difference in the lives of “all of us”.

Thanks so much!



Harriet Bograd, President