Donate a Laptop to Uganda

laptop image from google search

Upgrading your computer? Don’t know what to do with your old laptop? Donate it to the Abayudaya community of Uganda!

The assistant director of Semei Kakungulu High has requested the donation of a laptop(s) for use at the Abayudaya school. The laptop should have at least 1GB of RAM as well as the Windows XP or newer operating system. Ideally, it will also have a working battery, or come with a solar charger, since electricity is not very reliable in Mbale.

Please contact me (Harriet) right away if you have a laptop computer to donate to SK High! We can discuss how to get it to Uganda.

Thanks so much!


Harriet Bograd, President
212-877-8082 (Mon-Wed-Thur, 11am-6pm EST)