Join the 92Y Resource Center for Jewish Diversity and the Ethiopian Jewish community in New York for a festive and authentic Ethiopian Shabbat dinner, co-hosted by Chassida Shmella: Ethiopian Jewish Community of North America. Come feast on traditional Ethiopian dishes such as Doro Wat (chicken stew), Injera (pancake bread) and much more, as you learn about Ethiopian Jewish history and traditions from Prof. Ephraim Isaac of the Institute for Semitic Studies, Princeton, N.J. We will also be joined by special guests from Israel, Kessotch (Ethiopian rabbis) Pirdo Imhara and Vanda Eli Mentesenout and members of the renowned Ethiopian-Israeli Beta Dance Troupe. Encounter the way Ethiopian Jewry lived and celebrated Shabbat for centuries – a singular Shabbat experience not to be missed!

Click HERE for tickets for Shabbat Dinner.

Note: All food for both Shabbat meals prepared by an Ethiopian chef and glatt kosher caterer under glatt kosher supervision.