BOOK SHUK: Hundreds Of Jewish Books Sent All Over The World

Many of us have extra Jewish books that we no longer have room to store. But for geographically isolated, financially challenged communities, such books are a valuable link to their heritage. After a major solicitation in the UK, Liz Lamotey Nortey and her sister Rachel Lamotey recently shipped eight pallets of goods with Kulanu’s help. They then spent several weeks in Ghana, especially visiting the Jewish community near Accra.

Congregation Beth El-Keter Israel in New Haven stored 300 prayer books for over a year until distribution could be arranged. Rebecca Weiner shipped some books directly to Italy and Zimbabwe and others to US travelers Sara Feldman, Lucy Steinitz, and Janet Lipsey, who carried suitcases of books to India, Nigeria, and Uganda! Thanks to Amy Degen, who donated and shipped children’s books to Madagascar!

Book shipping – together with delivery and customs charges- is an expensive and logistically challenging endeavor. Additionally, it takes time to match the right books with the appropriate community. If you have Jewish books to donate, please go to the Kulanu “Ways to Donate” page and fill out your information. If we can find a way to facilitate, we will be in touch. If you are a world traveler who can carry some books, write to us at