Beth Yeshourun Cocoa Farm Project in Cameroon: Report of The First Year Activities Has Arrived!

Serges Etele, Cocoa Farm Manager, reports:

We are pleased to receive the funds for starting our cocoa farm project and we are grateful to all those who contributed. With the money received, we were able to acquire 100 hectares (248 acres) of land, buy materials, build a home and attract laborers to plant our first seeds. So far, we have planted cocoa, plantain and macabo ( an edible tuber), in 39 hectares (96 acres). We launched a short-term project that brought us some income by using 4 hectares (10 acres) of land to plant, grow, and sell okra and pimento. We have concluded that the first year was successful!

House for workers on cocoa farm
Photo by Serge Etele