Alex Armah’s Visit Continues

Kulanu made possible a four-month visit from Alex Armah, teacher and spiritual leader of the Sefwi Wiawso community in Ghana to the Abayudaya in Uganda. We included excerpts from a few of his reports in the last Update and wanted to share this additional one:


Greetings to you all. It is my will to study and to teach my people in Ghana. As the studies are going on, I made my mind to trying to read from the Torah on Shabbat. So what I did was to see one of the Torah readers Isaac and told him I want to read the Torah on Shabbat.

He then encouraged me if I had the idea to read, I can read it. So, he let me practice with him for about thirty minutes, then he left me alone. That was Thursday. I kept on reading till Friday night when I told the Rabbi that I want to read from the Torah, on the Shabbat.

The Rabbi too encouraged me I could read it so I have the hope about the reading. On Shabbat, the Rabbi read the first and the second part, then called me and blessed me and the community also sang a song to welcome me, because this is my first time reading from the Torah scroll. I must be bold and the Almighty will give me the wisdom.

And I was able to read my portion that I must to read. I know by the time I leave to go back to my community, many things have changed. I give thanks to my Rabbi for giving me encouragement, day in day out.

May the Almighty Bless him and give him peace. I greet you all.
Thank you!
Yours, faithfully,