A Special Kulanu Tribute: Honoring Harriet Bograd

Harriet Bograd tries out local dances at the grain mill dedication ceremony in the Namutumba village of the Abayudaya community in Uganda, January 2012.

March 28, 2013

2013 is a special year for Kulanu and our annual tribute journal. This year we are honoring our esteemed colleague and friend, Harriet Bograd, the president of Kulanu since 2008. In this year of her seventieth birthday, we are privileged to show our love, respect, and admiration for an extraordinarily talented woman whose organizational abilities, visionary thinking, and personal qualities of caring and warmth have earned Kulanu the trust and friendship of isolated Jewish communities and their supporters around the globe.

Thanks to Harriet’s tireless leadership and dedication, emerging communities in Africa, India, China, El Salvador and other far corners of the world have been given the chance to grow religiously and economically in partnership with Kulanu. We agree with one supporter who has called Harriet “one of the most remarkable individuals in today’s worldwide Jewish community.”

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A tribute dinner in Harriet’s honor would no doubt have attracted hundreds of fans to her home-base in New York City. But so many people from far-off places would not have been able to attend that once again we have decided to create a virtual on-line journal in which you can express your thoughts. The journal will look like a booklet you would receive at a dinner you attended in person, but in this case, you will see the pages on-line. The journal will display your sentiments and those of others, along with pictures of Harriet in her roles inside and outside Kulanu. By communicating your good wishes to Harriet, you will be helping to support Kulanu’s work on five continents.

A graduate of Bryn Mawr College and Yale Law School, Harriet organized community-controlled day care, education, and health programs for under-served populations in New Haven and later in New York City. A research project on nonprofit accountability led to a pioneering listserv on “nonprofit cyber-accountability.” Imagine our luck when Harriet took on the job of treasurer of Kulanu in 2002. “Mama Harriet,” as she is lovingly called by the Abayudaya community, has visited Ghana, Uganda (four times), and Ethiopia as a representative of Kulanu. In far-off countries and at home, where she hosts and prepares speakers beginning their lecture tours, Harriet has mentored and supported community leaders, keeping in frequent contact by phone and email, forming close and meaningful relationships.

A cancer survivor, pillar of the West End Synagogue in Manhattan, early leader of the innovative Abraham Joshua Heschel Jewish day school in New York City, passionate dancer, meditator, devoted wife of Ken Klein and mother of two grown daughters. Harriet performs her many roles with a rare combination of practicality, proficiency, creativity, imagination, and grace. She works quietly and efficiently for Kulanu – often until 2 AM – without fanfare, and with tangible results. A role model for many of us, Harriet is both a doer and a dreamer.

Please join us in showing our appreciation for all the work that Harriet continues to do as the personification of the Jewish spirit of tikkun olam, repairing the world.

How to Honor Kulanu President, Harriet Bograd

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