2021 Kulanu Impact Stories – Guatemala

Dear Friends,

As 2021 comes to a close, we are reflecting on Kulanu’s support for global Jewish communities over the past year. Today, let’s look at how donations are making an impact in Guatemala.

The children in the photograph belong to the Centro Judio Sionista Shaar Hashamaim in Guatemala, a community that practices Orthodox Judaism. The boys, who are the sons of community leader Fernando Flores Castañeda, are performing the pre-Passover tradition of bedikat chametz, the search for leavened bread conducted by candlelight with a feather and wooden spoon (below).

Flores Castañeda emphasizes the importance of education in helping enrich the already vibrant local Jewish community and teach about Jewish traditions, like the one pictured. “Kulanu and Genie Milgrom have been a great help and support for our community during Covid. Through the shiurim (Torah study) and other classes, our community has fortified itself and been able to maintain unity during this trying time of social distancing,” he said.

Your donations help many of Kulanu’s partner communities to flourish – just like the one in Guatemala.  You help connect isolated Jewish communities to the larger global Jewish world, allowing them to receive crucial assistance even as they inspire and strengthen all of us in return.

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