The Laura Wetzler Tribute Journal is Now Online!

We at Kulanu are delighted to share with you the online Tribute Journal in honor of Laura Wetzler! Thank you to the many people who contributed funds, photos, music, and messages of appreciation about this very special person.

As Kulanu’s Coordinator for Uganda, and as a singer-songwriter and world music performer touring in 150 concerts a year, Laura Wetzler has friends and admirers around the globe. In recognition of all the work that Laura continues to do, we decided to show our appreciation while raising money for the projects nearest to her heart by requesting “ads” which we then compiled into an online journal.

This moving tribute is a testament to Laura’s determination, skill, and warmth. But it tells another story as well — that of Kulanu’s partnership with the Abayudaya community.

It’s not too late to be included: click here to find out how you can add your donation and good wishes in an addendum to the online journal!

We hope you enjoy the Tribute Journal.

Thank you so much.


Harriet Bograd, President

P.S. Do you know that the young girl singing Sh’ma Y’israel in our 1998 recording (which you will hear while viewing the journal) is Rachel Namudosi Keki, who is a Makerere University graduate now teaching at Semei Kakungulu High School? Hers is one of the many beautiful messages you will read from Laura’s Abayudaya friends.