The Abayudaya and “All of Us”: Partners in Tikkun Olam

Kulanu has worked closely with the Abayudaya Jewish community of Uganda since 1995. For me, Kulanu’s 17-year partnership with the Abayudaya represents what Kulanu (“all of us”) does best: we ‘discover’ a Jewish community where no one would expect to find one, then come together to welcome them into world Jewry, thereby strengthening the rich tapestry of global Judaism.

Cover art of "Schools of the Abayudaya" by Gabriel Molton, 2007.Of course, one of the best ways to build a strong community is to provide a strong education to its children. In the past, Jewish students were harrassed at other schools in the region, and they had to attend school on Shabbat and Jewish holidays. Now, Abayudaya community members run a nationally-recognized primary school (established in 2001), and a secondary school established in 1999, where Jewish children learn and grow alongside their Christian and Muslim neighbors, in peace. Check out this great five-minute video on YouTube, made by an American teenager named Gabriel Molton (in connection with who visited Uganda in 2007 and was so inspired by the Abayudaya children that he made this short film about their school. I love it!

Will you help us maintain these institutions, as well as the crucial school nutrition program that serves hundreds of meals to hungry African kids every day?

Please click here to donate to the Kulanu-Abayudaya Education fund now, and know that YOU are helping to bring hope to Ugandan youth.

When I visited Uganda in January 2011 I had the heart-warming experience of hearing from Yosef Kalema, a young man who was in the very first class at the Kulanu-Abayudaya high school. He went on to university, but stayed active in his community as chair of the Abayudaya Youth Association. Now, Yosef has graduated and is starting a career in technology. It is truly amazing to see that our ongoing commitment to the Abayudaya community has such a positive impact on these young African Jews.

Do you know how easy it is to support these children striving to find their way out of poverty in Uganda?

  • $76 provides a nationally-recognized education to one impoverished student for a year.
  • $117 sends one (1) child to school for a year, and provides two (2) meals to that student every school day.
  • $250 provides education and meals for one (1) boarding student for one year.
  • $760 sends 10 children to the Abayudaya schools for a year.
  • $11,700 feeds and educates 100 African students for a full school year.
  • $25,000 provides meals and schooling to 100 boarding students who would otherwise not be able to attend school in rural Uganda.

Donate to the Abayudaya Schools today – any amount helps!

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