Special Message from Kulanu’s Board President

Over the past few days, as Israel and the worldwide Jewish community are reeling from the horrific events that took place in Israel, I have personally received countless messages of condolences and solidarity from our partner communities around the globe.

A note shared from Pakistan read:
‘Ma’am we are very worried to see the current situation of Israel. I wish we were in Israel at that time and we would fight the enemies of God together with our people. If Israel needs volunteers, my family and I offer ourselves to help Israel, we will be loyal…’

A synagogue in Ethiopia shared the Letter of Support they sent to the Embassy of Israel, which read:
‘…We are saddened by the loss of lives and the captured hostages by these terrorists. We aren’t only by the side of the victim families, but we feel we are the families of the victims and our sorrows are deep…’

We are all mourning the loss of life together. We are all bonded by a common faith and understanding of the importance of Israel to our people.

Our prayers are with Israel during this frightening and difficult time in our history.

Bonita Nathan Sussman

President, Kulanu