“Next Year in Bombay” – Watch the Documentary Online!

January 31, 2015

After four years of film festivals and other special screenings, the documentary “Next Year in Bombay” is now available online! Click here to rent or purchase Chaï Chaï Films & Les Poissons Volants’ film “on-demand” at vimeo.com. Visit www.nextyearinbombay.com to learn more and watch the trailer.

Watch the trailer, then “rent” or “buy” the 55-minute documentary from Vimeo!

The Bene Israel community of Bombay (Mumbai) originated with a shipwreck off the coast of India 2,000 years ago. They continued to observe Judaism through the generations, and the community eventually spread to Bombay. As one member said, “Israel is our Fatherland – India is our Motherland”. But today, the community is dwindling; this film tells the tale of an Indian Jewish family that struggles to keep Judaism alive in Bombay.

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