Make a Difference: Help Feed Ugandan Schoolchildren

Many of you had the chance to meet Aaron Kintu Moses of the Abayudaya when he toured the US this fall, and hear first-hand about the remarkable journey of this Jewish community in the heart of Africa. Aaron, headmaster of one of the two Abayudaya schools in Uganda, shared the challenges the community faces in educating students who do not have enough food to eat, and the difficulty of providing meals in an impoverished area of a country with an inflated and unstable economy.

Students at the Abayudaya schoolsThanks to the powerful network of Kulanu supporters and activists who sustain the Kulanu-Abayudaya Nutrition Program, child hunger is being alleviated each day through the provision of breakfast and lunch to the 767 Jewish, Christian and Muslim students enrolled at the two Abayudaya schools in Uganda. “All of us” are deeply grateful for the support we have received for the Kulanu-Abayudaya School Nutrition fund. However, the need continues.


To contribute to the Abayudaya School Nutrition Program, please click here.

The Jewish, Christian, and Muslim children who attend the primary and high school study and play together in peace, and enrollment continues to grow with the schools’ reputations. The school nutrition program has had a positive impact on this success: Naume Sabano, coordinator of the program at the high school, reported that absenteeism and dropout rates have been dramatically reduced since we introduced the nutrition program in the school, and that concentration, mental health, and discipline have improved “tremendously.”

It costs $40 a year to feed one student breakfast and lunch every schoolday in the Kulanu-Abayudaya School Nutrition Program. As 2011 comes to a close, we are determining our budget for the coming school year. By contributing to this program, YOU can make a difference in the life of a hungry Ugandan child.

Whatever amount you can donate for school nutrition will be highly appreciated: $40 for one child, $400 for 10, $4,000 for 100 students – or more!

To give, please mail a check payable to Kulanu in US dollars to 165 West End Ave, 3R, New York, NY 10023 – write “Uganda nutrition” in the memo field of your check. Or donate online through our new Abayudaya School Nutrition Fundraising Page!

If you have already contributed to this important cause, I thank you.

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Help Kulanu feed hungry Jewish, Muslim & Christian kids at Abayudaya Schools in Uganda!

Thank you so much for your generosity.

Warm wishes for a joyous 2012

hoto credit: Aaron Kintu Moses