Madagascar Update from Day 1

Hi!   I am writing from somewhere over Africa on the way to Johannesburg where we will catch the plane to Madagascar, It was an interesting morning. Boni and I got up at 5 to do the last minute packing and rearranging.   Our friend Terry Troia slept over to be sure to get us to the airport on time.  By a little after 7 we were on our way.   We met Harriet, Barbara Vinnick and Shep in front of the airport and redistributed the cargo which consisted of a large number of Siddurim with French translations,  three Sefardic style paper Torah scrolls, books on Halachah and prayer a shroud for a demonstration on Jewish burial practices numerous pairs of teffilin, Mezuzot, stickers for the kids ,plus emergency rations of sardines, tuna and matzoh.
We met the rest of crew at the gate.  They consisted of Rabbi Oizer,  Rabbi Pinchas and his wife Miriam ,Rabbi Achiya his sister Nili and brother Ellie,and Dr Debbie Josefson. There was a lot of animated conversation as some of us got reacquainted and others acquainted for the first time.  We are anticipating landing in Johannesburg and then going on to Antnanarivo.  We are looking forward to meeting the people who were till now only names and pictures in emails.
-Rabbi Gerald Sussman