Kulanu’s Winter Newsletter Is Now Online

The Winter 2011 issue of the Kulanu Newsletter is now online with full-color photos. You can read it at kulanu.org/newsletters. The articles explore present and former Jewish communities in Suriname, India, Ethiopia, Zambia, Egypt, Tunisia, Portugal, and Uganda!
  • Life-Changing Birthright Trip for Surinamese Jewish Youth, by Sheila Gogol, p. 1
  • The Bene Ephraim of Andhra Pradesh, India, by Yulia Egorova and Shahid Perwez, p. 2
  • Restoration of the Historic Indian Synagogue in Parur, Kerala, by Jay A. Waronker, p. 5
  • Ethiopian Rememberance: Kabbalat Shabbat (Ceremony Welcoming the Shabbat), by Sam Tadesse, p. 8
  • Architectural Remnants of Jewish Life in Zambia, by Jay A. Waronker, p. 10
  • Scholars of African Judaism Gather in London, by Len Lyons, p. 13
  • Travels with Nancy, by Nancy Cuevas Guzman, p. 17
  • plus book reviews, President’s Message and more!
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