Kulanu/Abayudaya Speaking Tour – 30 Events, 40 Supporting Groups!

We’re delighted to report that Kulanu’s fall speaker, JJ Keki, will be speaking and singing at more than 30 events this fall. He will be telling the story of Kulanu’s partnership with the Abayudaya Jewish community in Uganda, and raising funds for the two Abayudaya schools that serve 700 students. Please view our online calendar to see if and when he is coming to your community. We already have events planned in New York, Washington, DC, Pennsylvania, Rhode Island, Massachusetts, Florida, Ontario, Kansas, Missouri, California, and British Columbia! If you plan to attend an event, please check back later to verify times and places.

If your synagogue or other group still wants to host JJ Keki, these are the dates that are still open. You would need to be located within convenient traveling distances of the places listed in parentheses:

Sunday, Nov. 1 (Philadelphia)
Sat. Nov. 7 (morning or evening – near Newton, MA)
Tues., Nov. 10 (coming from Springfield, MA, going to Ottawa, ON)
Monday, Nov. 16 (coming from St. Louis, going to Los Angeles)
Saturday, Nov. 21 (San Francisco area)

In addition, our plans for November 3rd are not yet definite. Check our online calendar to see if it opens up!

View our full speaking tour announcement for details, and to see what is required of host groups.

Thanks to Kulanu’s volunteer, Aliya Cheskis-Cotel, for her tireless work in promoting this speaking tour!

Photo by Thanksgiving Coffee