Kulanu Newsletter Has a New Look!

The Spring 2010 issue of the Kulanu Newsletter has arrived — with a brand-new look! You may have already received it in the mail, or you can check it out as a pdf online by clicking here. We are grateful for the leadership and creativity of the new editorial team for the rich content and beautiful design: Judy Manelis of Brookline, MA – editor and Kulanu board member; and Enid Bloch of Buffalo, NY – layout & photography editor and Kulanu volunteer. Below are some highlights of the Spring 2010 issue. We hope you enjoy it as much as we do!

  • “Ethiopia’s Kechene Jewish Community: A History Lesson and Challenge” by Judy Manelis, p 1
  • “From the Ground Up: Kulanu-Abayudaya Education and Economic Development” by Laura Wetzler, Uganda Coordinator, p 2
  • “Suriname’s Jewish Community Welcomes First Rabbi in 40 Years” by Judy Manelis, p 10
  • “Coming Out: A Visit to the Zimbabwe Lemba” by Tudor Parfitt, p 12
  • “Rabbi Gershom Sizomu Visits the Lemba in South Africa” interview, p 14
  • “A ‘Bucket List’ Visit to Distant Jewish Communities” by Rabbi Stephen Leon, p 18
  • plus book reviews and more!
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