Kulanu Fall Newsletter Is Now Online – Focus on B’nai Anousim

The Fall, 2010 issue of the Kulanu Newsletter is now online –  you can read it here. In this issue, editor Judy Manelis turns our attention to a major issue of our time…that of the B’nai Anousim (also known as Conversos, Marranos, Secret Jews and Crypto-Jews), the descendants of the Jews in Spain and Portugal who were forced to convert to Catholicism.

In recent years there has been an upsurge of interest by B’nai Anousim in their ancestry and ancient faith. Many want to learn about their Jewish heritage and/or return to the Jewish community. Sadly, many synagogues and communities are not welcoming. It is our hope that this issue of our newsletter will open up a dialogue in Jewish communities and synagogues around the country and abroad and will challenge Kulanu readers to think about what steps they can take in their own communities to ensure B’nai Anousim receive a warm welcome.

The issue includes:

  • “Cameroon’s Beth Yeshourun Community Welcomes First Jewish Visitors,” by Rabbis Bonita and Gerald Sussman and Serge Etele, p 1.
  • “Inquisition Descendants Face Challenges on Journey of Return to Judaism,” by Andrée Aelion Brooks, p 1.
  • “The Renaissance of the B’nai Anousim (Crypto-Jews),” by Michael Freund, Chairman, Shavei Israel, p 2.
  • “Past, Present & Future Identiites of B’nai Anousim: Theme of 7th Annual El Paso Conference,” by Sonya Loya, p 9.
  • “Salonika, the Holocaust, and a Memorial Day Weekend in Greece,” by Michael Dukakis, p 17.
  • “Descendant of Kaifeng Jewish Community Talks of His Jewish Heritage and Identity,” by Judy Manelis, and “Visiting the Royal Ontario Museum” by Enid Bloch, p 19.
  • plus “Publications and Releases of Note,” President’s Message and more!

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We are now publishing three issues per year in spring, fall, and winter – and supplementing this with online communications.