Introduce Your Networks to the Jews of Zimbabwe

Passover Seder in Mapakomhere, Zimbabwe. Photo by Sandy Leeder, 2012.Time is running out to book a Kulanu-Lemba speaking event — Modreck Maeresera will be arriving from Zimbabwe in February! This is Mr. Maeresera’s first visit to the United States, as well as the first major introduction of the historic Lemba Jewish community to American audiences, so you will definitely want to be a part of this landmark speaking tour. The Kulanu-Lemba Speaking Tour runs February 7 – March 11, 2013, and I’m asking you to help us fill up the schedule. The first step is telling decision-makers you know about this incredible opportunity – share this link to our tour announcement, and encourage your networks to book an event today!

This is a very special opportunity for Kulanu, and for American audiences, to be part of a momentous occasion in the history of the Lemba, and indeed of the Jewish people as a whole. Check out our online, work-in-progress tour calendar to see what dates are still available to book an event, and click here to find out what is expected of event hosts.

The Lemba Jews have been observing Jewish traditions passed down orally through the generations, and though they did not have access to a Torah for centuries, visitors to this community will tell you that Lemba customs are very similar to their own. For more about the history and current developments of the intriguing Jewish community of Zimbabwe, visit – and check out the latest issue of KulanuNews for two more articles about their Passover Seder earlier this year.

We hope that you can help us reach out to synagogues, schools, and other groups about hosting Modreck Maeresera and raising awareness about this re-emerging African Jewish community, now undergoing a “Jewish renaissance” as they re-connect with world Jewry. Send a message to when you’ve shared the tour announcement with rabbis, education directors, social action committees or anyone else you know. Thanks so much for getting involved helping the Lemba Jews connect with the larger global Jewish community!

Photo: Participants at the first modern-day Passover seder in Mapakomhere, Zimbabwe. Photo by Sandy Leeder, 2012.