How All This is Made Possible

Today, I write to you in our shared role as Kulanu supporters, asking you to join me in continuing our support of this organization that is so important to so many. We are able to do so much, even with small amounts. For example, $50 is enough to help an Abayudaya woman begin a business; $100 educates a child in the Abayudaya schools for a year; $650 sends a Jewish teacher from Mumbai to the poor community of Andhra Pradesh, India; $2,000 provides computer facilities to Dr. Navras Aafreedi in India; $5,000 funds an African student in Israel for yeshiva study.

We know that next year is going to be a challenging one economically for many. We ask you to help us maintain our programs by giving as generously as you can. My deepest thanks for your generous support.

Please donate online at, or mail a check in U.S. dollars, payable to Kulanu, to my address below.

With all best wishes,

Harriet Bograd