Help Kulanu feed hungry Ugandan students with a Passover message!

A Kulanu volunteer, Dr Liz Feldman of Illinois, recently forwarded our call to action to her networks with the message below. We think it’s a great way to inspire tzedekah (charity) as part of the Passover holiday! Please feel free to use this or your own holiday greeting to tell your friends, family and colleagues about this opportunity.
So far we have already reached more than $3,000 — we are almost half-way to our $7500 matching grant goal! Thanks to all of you for giving and for passing this along so we can rise to the challenge of feeding hungry African youth.
We at Kulanu wish you a joyous and meaningful Passover. Thank you for your continued support!
Here is a wonderful way to celebrate Pesach – “let all who are hungry come and eat”.
Instead of buying gifts for finding the Afikoman, donate the money to feed hungry children, so that they can learn and do well in school! Or just collect from Seder guests and send it along as part of the mitzvah of maot chittin (feeding the needy).
Chag Sameach! And please forward this message!
Thanks, Liz
In the Kulanu-supported Abayudaya schools of Uganda, hungry students are commonplace.  That is why we are particularly excited to have received a matching grant offer of $7500 from The Estelle Friedman Gervis Family Foundation.  If our donors can match the Gervis gift, we will be able to support an urgently needed food program for hungry students in the Abayudaya community.

SK students in class, by Lorne MallinHelp Kulanu feed hungry Jewish, Muslim & Christian kids at Abayudaya SK High School in Uganda!

Semei Kakungulu High School was established in the late 1990s as a haven for Abayudaya Jewish students to study peacefully along with their Christian and Muslim neighbors. Located in an impoverished area where most families are subsistence farmers, the high school, which currently has an enrollment of 380 students, has had a remarkable record of success.  Many of its graduates, some of whom are boarders from outlying areas, have passed Uganda’s national exams for college entrance, despite a variety of challenges. Hunger is foremost among those challenges.
Since 2006, thanks to the Gervis Foundation, high school students (many of whom often arrived at school without breakfast or lunch) have received a daily breakfast of protein-enriched porridge and bananas and a lunch snack of chapati flat bread three times a week. This has been hardly enough to satisfy hunger and alleviate the risk of exploitation for food. Now, due to economic necessity, even that is in jeopardy if we cannot provide matching funds.

Would you please consider this special request? For just $119 a day every student could have two substantial meals a day.  The Gervis Foundation matching funds must be available by May 1st. Please give online at or send a check, payable to Kulanu, to Kulanu, 165 West End Ave, 3R, New York, NY 10023, USA. Be sure to write “food program” in the online comments or in the memo on your check.

We would be grateful for any amount you can give. Kulanu and the students of Semei Kakungulu High School thank you in advance.

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Help Kulanu feed hungry Jewish, Muslim & Christian kids at Abayudaya SK High School in Uganda!
To learn more about Kulanu’s work with the Jewish community of Uganda, see the Abayudaya page on our website ( and our Abayudaya slideshow at
Thanks for your help!
Harriet Bograd, President
Kulanu, Inc
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Photo by Lorne Mallin